i Have a questions about Cry

Hello friends, my name is iemaru and I have some doubts about the cry.

1- I would like to know how difficult it is to program in the cry as c # or Lua because it is heard that programming in the cry is very difficult and you need advanced knowledge in lua or c ++ for making a game complete. and i am NOOB.

2-The visual scripting of the cry can be used to program a complete game? like the BP of ue4?

Ty Att iemaru

Re: i Have a questions about Cry

Depends on what kind of game you're working on. If you're planning on doing something complex like an RPG you'll definitely want to use code instead of visual scripting (or a mix of both). For stuff like horror games and platformers, Flowgraph and Schematyc should be enough.

The only drawback is that Schematyc tutorials are scarce. I think they are waiting for the release of Schematyc 2.0 in Cryengine 5.6 (this summer) to start making real tutorials about it (which would make sense since the current version of Schematyc should not be used production as it can create dependencies). In it's current form it's tricky and confusing to use, and it tends to crash the engine.

I can't speak for how hard or easy it is to code in Cryengine (I'm a 3d art guy, I only use visual scripting to add interactivity to my scenes) but I've heard it's gotten much better, the source code is fully available now.

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