Re: reloaded - level building log [WIP]

It turns out I have to learn some 3DS MAX and I found the perfect tutorial for that on: ... t-modeling
Its the Quick start to modeling in 3ds max by Joshua Kinney from 2013. One of the best Tutorials for beginners I have found - awesome teacher.
He does this on max 2014 but it works perfectly on max 2008 which I have for cryengine 2 workflow. So just putting the link here for anyone searching for a really good Introduction to the program.
I am moving to Germany next Month after being away for 15 or more years so there will be a little slowdown in progress sandbox wise but no biggie.
... have to get back to the Trashcan modeling, Crate should be a breeze after that ....

oh yes, the crate crysis - I had real problems getting that into the sandbox editor and the reason is me being medium smart and the tutorials I found seem to be missing some information for the material setup. I did find a banana box 3ds max file in the cryengine documentation and it actually has the complete setup for a pickup, destroyable banana box so I will decipher that later and see if I can plonk a crate on my beach.

Re: reloaded - level building log [WIP]

of course I went down the rabbit hole and still sorting out what I need to learn and how best to setup the workflow etc etc. - I finished the dumpster from the 3ds max tutorial with distinction and I want to try the buggy car thing from FarCry, the small beach jeep or what it is called. Turns out that I cannot take screenshots (F12) in 64bit FarCry on Win7 64bit. So here I am in 2018 installing adobe reader 5.5 and IrfanView and taking screenshots with an iPad Pro from the monitor - this is so much fun.
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Re: reloaded - level building log [WIP]

After some research and reality checking I have decided just to stick with the one level and not worry about making it popular.
These days folks want to meet others in a swamp and shoot them in the head while doing a social monster hunt or fly to distant planets, take the subway to a bar and order a drink so they can place the glass wherever they choose to. So I will probably play this level alone which was the reason for making it - on track.
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