Re: Selling a map with Crytek models?

Hey Looney,

the full license agreement for assets is on the asset itself; you can also review it here. But basically, we don't allow to just resell the assets that we provide for free. If you use them in a game project and adhere to the rules, you can monetize your game, but just re-arranging them in a map and selling this would be difficult. I am not a legal person and if you want perfect clarification on the matter, please email marketplace[at] with your question and some screenshots of the map so we can evaluate the issue.

I'd say if you only use our own free and unedited models, that's not something I'd encourage. basically. We are happy to help you guys with your development with the free assets we provide but we also want to encourage a striving and diverse community and that means the more original effort you put into a project, the better the reception will be.
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