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Hello Everyone!
This post is fore a question/suggestion

Is there a Udemy course (like the Unreal Engine one)?
It would help a lot the first impact with the Engine developing and help a lot with many of the main problem(rumours/prejudice) of Cry Engine(userfriendly, hard to learn, no documentation and so on)


Re: Udemy Course

Don't think so.
Anyway I'm curious why don't you use youtube videos. It's plenty of them especially to get started. Also Fury who can be found here on his YT channel published very good tutorials to get you started. Not too mention official Cryengine tutorials or these posted in forums. Perhaps it's not that organised like inf ull course but still much more knowledge can be gained from them. This is how I started learning over year ago and of course practicing and trying to find your workflow is the right way.
Extra tip: Some of the Cryengine 3 will still apply in certain scenarios with only minor changes but definitely can help you to understand many things.
Some good tuts imho:
- Of course official Cryengine Tuts - https://www.youtube.com/user/CryDevPortal/videos
Search these channels:
- Andrei Ghenoui's tutorials
- Music4LifePL20
- HardGameChannel (RU)
Of course there is plenty of more. I also published some while ago (see my signature).
GorbashGaming - Beginner Tutorials for CE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIjN10 ... Img/videos

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