[Free] Marketplace Spotlight – Check out these free media plugins you need

Whether you want to play back video in your game, or create a splash screen with impact, CRYENGINE Marketplace has got you covered with free downloads that can make the difference for your project.

The applications for video playback in a game are numerous, including as a narrative device to create cut scenes in your project. The CEV video player is a free download from community member chernecoff which allows you to play video on screen and on game objects, includes Flowgraph nodes for creating the video player, easy integration with components system, and Schematyc functions to simplify the creation of entities with a video player component. You can quickly get up to speed with an example project and it arrives with full source code and a free license. Check out the video below to find out more and you can download it direct from the CRYENGINE Marketplace here.
If you’re looking for a simple yet powerful splash screen, then the appropriately named Splash Screen Example Plugin from our very own Cry-Flare is exactly what you need. Including drop and play functionality whilst being designed to be as compatible as possible, tested with engine templates, and the GameSDK sample project, download the plugin and get up and running quickly.
CRYENGINE Marketplace is full of downloads that can help you achieve your vision. From a Simple Boid Plugin that can make your project fly, to assets to help you create anything from a wilderness scene to your very own medieval village, you can browse the full range online now. What plugins make the difference for you? Or are you looking for a specific solution? We’d love to hear your feedback, so get in touch on Facebook, and Twitter.


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