Hi,who can help me?The Launcher can not buy anything on marketplace.

I get the error and I thank this is office site script issue, maybe.
I working on the Launcher,Engine is working,is newest.
LIBRARY--My Assets, show "oops!An error occured.Please Submit this issue.Thank you".But [My Project] and [My Engines] is OK.
MARKETPLACE--Marketplace, then auto open this url "https://www.cryengine.com//marketplace", choose some thing, then add to cart and check out.
I agreed Conditions, but show red font is "You have to agree with out Terms and Conditions" also!!!!!
My Windows is win10,Launcher is newest,but old version have this issue too.
please tell me how to do,how to fix?This issue is big trouble,time is long.

Re: Hi,who can help me?The Launcher can not buy anything on marketplace.

I try completing the basket to get an item then you ticket the box then accept the terms of service.
After that it brings up an error box of just empty white.
Creating1, did you actually tried to use private window of your browser? Then you should be logge out, add products to the basket, login, accept terms and it should go through. I used this method to go through this bug, confirm works in Chrome.

BTW I'm quite surprised it hasn't been fixed. If I had issue like that with my webdev shop I would have no business at all. Just saying.
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