Modern Hall Free Scene CRYENGINE_Launcher Project Setup


Really simple question if you have used the modern_hall.cry and go it to work. Here is my dilemma no matter which way I try to configure this project there are errors other than one way. I am getting an error that it can't find the .pak file. I have tried to troubleshoot this every way but it seems to be something embedded with absolute pathing to this .pak file. I thought with these type of Project Setups this was just an import.

Please be forgiving and help out a BRO because of the BRO CODE. j/k How I met your Mother is a really good show?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thx in Advance!!


Chris Russo
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Re: Modern Hall Free Scene CRYENGINE_Launcher Project Setup


Well the problem is what is the best way to start a directory with this project.
I usually go into the project folder or either import, create a mid level directory or cd into the working directory and create a folder. Then it's setup with a example file and also a gameproject.cry file.

Is there a better way to do this?

I will share the file screenshot later.


Chris Russo

Re: Modern Hall Free Scene CRYENGINE_Launcher Project Setup

Well I just tried installing the hall scene but it didn't work, I can't find the files after downloading the pack. :(
Once you download an asset from the marketplace it should be available inside the cryengine launcher.
Navigate to your assets (Library->My Assets).
Your asset should have a green drop-down button associated with it that should say "installed".
Click the arrow next the "Installed" to open the context menu and select "Reveal in explorer".

To use assets in your project you need to copy the assets (usually from the assets directory inside the asset folder from the launcher) to your own projects assets.
Some assets from the marketplace will provide their own project files to let you dive right in and test things but generally you want to copy the assets to your own project.

Also as a tip, for the most efficient help, try to provide as much detailed information as you can about your current situation. Assume we know nothing.
good luck.
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Re: Modern Hall Free Scene CRYENGINE_Launcher Project Setup

Yup I know about that, but for some reason the hall didn't appear in my assets list even after restarting the launcher, now it's working. ;)

OP if you're still here, go to your assets list in the launcher, locate the hall scene and click to the little arrow next to where it's written "installed" and click on reveal in explorer. Open the modern_hall folder (below the .gip folder), click and drag to select all files, then press ctrl + C to copy. Then go to your projects folder (in the launcher click on the little cogwheel icon next to your level name and click on reveal in explorer. Then press CTRL + V to paste the hall contents inside your project's asset folder. Hope that helps!

Re: Modern Hall Free Scene CRYENGINE_Launcher Project Setup


Oh I see I thought it was a full project that could be created new or import. I believe it it just an additional asset know to add to your main working project. Is this correct?

I created a Modern Hall Project as a subfolder of modern_hall and copied the assets over as stated orginially but this revealed the screenshot i left that it can not find or open the .pak file.

So if I just make it a direct asset within a working project then it will work. Is this the correct thinking?


Chris Russo

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