Telegram Group

We're working on new educational methods.

We are flexible and we tell you in this message :

We need your presence

In this group,there are two simple rules:
1 - Do not be angry about comments from different users.
2 - Only talk about the CryEngine .

Our main focus is on Schematyc Visual scripting Tool but We need to publish other tutorials in this group.

We created ,An Unofficial Group on the Telegram, also You Know that We are An Unofficial Page on the Facebook,But the telegram goup, is much more flexible

We want everyone who is on this page, to join us.

Our intention, of this group,Tutorials and Video Tutorials and speed and quick FAQ about Schematyc and CryEngine Tools.

Please You Post your Tutorials and your Questions and your Answers Fast and accuracy in this group , Please send Tutorials,questions and answers with English Language,Please Share

We are monitoring the information

Please participate in this discussions

With the utmost respect and courtesy

Telegram Group

Re: Telegram Group

You posted in Community Tutorials but i don't see a tutorial? Is this more of a recruitment?

/Moved to Non-commercial Collaboration.
ah , NO NO , if you see , join us , you will see a lot tutorials , I wish , you did not Move :geek: , you join us to this group,then see a lot tutorials related with CryEngine Tools

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