Higher Resolution Shadow Maps Without Crashing Editor?

Hey there, I am wondering how I would go about telling the engine to render shadows with higher resolution maps properly. Right now the only variable I know which affects this is e_ShadowsMaxTexRes. Idealy I would like the shadows to be done at 4k resolution. If I set this variable to 4096, 2048, or even 512, it causes an almost immediate crash after the shadow maps resolution updates. Obviously I am missing something here.

All and any ideas appreciated!!


Re: Higher Resolution Shadow Maps Without Crashing Editor?


It works just fine but first you must set r_DynTextMaxSize to 512 or 768 and then set e_ShadowsMaxTexRes to 1538 or 2048. Basicly what it means is you need to increase the Texture Pool Size before increasing the resolution on the Shadow Maps. If you are planning on having Shadow Quality settings in your game, make sure to include the Texture Pool Size and adjust accordingly when changing the quality levels.

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