Re: CRYENGINE Learning Initiatives

I would like to see proper guides documented explaining how to get source control up and running (one w Git, one w Perforce and so on). The one I found about Perforce is really vague and forces you to go look around elsewhere with no success...

I would also love to see more work put into documentation on the different programming languages in CryEngine. It's literally been nonexistent for YEARS. People get scared.

A C# tutorial on YouTube would be lovely! Maybe a Flappy Boid guide made in C#? That'd be awesome! More tutorials on programming, please!

Re: CRYENGINE Learning Initiatives

hi there
i'm working with unity engine but its not a big deal for making AAA games but they have many free resources for learning all kind of stuff and you have the best engine in industry but you lack of good tutorials and courses please make some complete tutorials specially programming courses we really want to use cry engine so make it possible by creating good courses you are the best you are revolutionized game industry by making this grate engine i never forget the first time I've Played crisis.
best regards

Re: CRYENGINE Learning Initiatives

Is it possible to update the tutorial videos that are currently showing under the getting started playlist. I've only made it past the first three, but that was enough to keep me away 2 years ago, and to send me off again now. It's hard enough to learn a new system, but to also have to struggle with the infromaiton being presented as training material, I'm afraid to even recomend it to anybody.

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