Using a old version of Cryengine for game development


At this current moment I do not have the sufficient funds to invest in a new computer. The laptops and desktop computer I have are old they do not meet the requirements of the new cryengine which requires the graphics card to support DirectX 11 version. I am specifically talking to Crytek since I never heard back from them but I am happy for anyone else to give me advice or suggestions on what I could possibly do to get a previous cryengine version working on either one of my laptops or desktop computer. I was wondering if it was at all possible to use an older version of cryengine on one of my computers?

All I need to do is get passed the "First Time Login" to run the editor, I do not have a login for earlier versions of the game engine since I have only discovered cryengine this year. I searched around and I know crytek is not supporting the older versions and I know many people are unable to use their older versions but I am writing this just in case something has changed or something new has come up that someone knows about where the old versions can be used again until I can afford a new PC.

As an indie developer, I would really like to start making games. Thanks!

Re: Using a old version of Cryengine for game development

Hi Damian,
There are probably two options.
First, you can use Cry Engine 3. I'm still using CE3, as it's far more suitable for my simulator.
You can download CE3 from various sources, but you also need to edit the registry, as the Crytek servers no longer support CE3.
See this for info on how to do this:

The other option is to go even further back in time and use Cry Engine 2. In my experience, CE2 gives frame rates about double compared to CE3.
You can get CE2 Sandbox by purchasing the original Crysis. It's probably still available in cheap re-issues, but before purchasing make sure it includes Sandbox.
As a bonus you also get the Crysis game, which is actually very good.

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