Cryengine 5.4 crashes when creating a new Level

Hi everyone,

I wanted to try the new CE5.4 but I can't create a level without crashing the editor.
I can open the example level, but the editor crashes when I try to save it. If I save it after the crash, that level will also crash the engine when I try to open it again.
Oh, and it also crashes when I generate terrain texture.

I'm using Win7 HP 64-Bit, all updates (optionals too) installed, newest drivers for all my hardware. Sandbox opened with Launcher, both running as admin.
CE5.3 works fine.

Btw., how am I supposed to attach my log files when the forum doesn't accept them? No matter if I want to upload a .log or .txt, I always get an "Invalid file extention - Error"....

I will write both, editor.log and error.log in here:

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Re: Cryengine 5.4 crashes when creating a new Level

Aside from your issue here;
I would highly advise to keep your projects separate and outside of the official engine folders. These folders can be updated and/or changed by the launcher and you could lose your project.

Regarding your issue, can you confirm that 5.3 works for you? But that 5.4 doesn't?
Check our troubleshooter here.
Move your project away from the engine folder and then go to the launcher and validate install for 5.4 under the engines tab.

Let us know how you get on.
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