Re: What are you working on?

@dhomochevsky: Yes that would be nice, the code is there, why not implement it into illum shader :)
@natissimo: I had disabled the movement, it's static reflections, good catch! grazie amico :)
The reflections look very good indeed. I think that Crytek does this when the new material editor releases and overhauls the shader system completely ... (hopefully in 5.5).
I´m no expert in such things but the reflections in the new HUNT demo look quite good - maybe they already have implemented this internally.

In the end just a small sneak peak:
My first character of "Noises of the Zone": Sculpt, modelling, retopo, rigging already done. Texture is WIP. Rendered in Substance Painter´s Iray but will be rendered soon in Cryengine
Stalker1_WIP.jpg (73.3 KiB) Viewed 5821 times

Re: What are you working on?

Hello guys! Interesting stuff to see in here! Here's some recent stuff I'm working on. Any thoughts or ideas?


- ship is a shared model
- engine light and flares are handmade with the flare editor and custom flare alpha maps
- all meshes are using custom detail maps for maximum detail grade
- runs smoothly at 60fps with a gtx1060 6gb

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