Question About Environment Probes

Hi All fans of CryEngine!

I Got a Question about Environment Probes. For Example if I got in my Map a outside area and a building that i can go inside do i need 2 Env~ Probes on my map 1 for outside and one for inside the building or i just make one big Env~ Probe and that's it? I know maybe its a lame question but sometimes my lights when i go into building or outside are going creazy... :P

Re: Question About Environment Probes

I think the best way is, make one average Environment probe for entire level for fallback reflections. Then place multiple environment probes in unique spots in You'r level.
Only thing i don't know yet is how to update all of these EPs when lighting changes. So You probably should do it manually when necessary. More sadness if You need to update those at run time :-/ If will find out how do that, I will post answer.
P.S. Seems like forum is dead. So most questions are like "scream in to the void".....

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