CryEngine For Kingdom Come Game On Nvidia

So I attempted to run Kingdom Come Game : Deliverance today, which utilizes the CryEngine. I have a Nvidia 760 card in my PC. Presently when I run it, everything works out in a good way through the introduction motion pictures, yet then when we get to the game menu, it shows the menu for a couple of moments on the principal run, after which the screen hops to dark, and the subsequent screen bounces to a plain yellow. At the point when I run the game once more, it doesn't show the menu, it bounces directly to dark on the two screens. Then, the music continues playing out of sight. Console orders, for example, ctrl-alt-del, alt-tab or ctrl-move esc may work or migth not work, the screen at any rate doesn't return to live.

After the endeavor, my work area symbols are completely packed up on the screen, showing an ineffectively dealt with goal change.

At that point I reviewed I had precisely the same issue when I attempted to run Prey some time back. Allthough on account of prey, this issue doesn't raise its head untill I really start another game. For example I get past the menus, and even get the opportunity to choose a 3D delivered model (male/female) to play as. Furthermore, sufficiently sure, prey utilizes the Cryengine as well. At that point I reviewed I likewise had issues with to such an extent as propelling Crysis on this apparatus.

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