Why Doesn't CRYENGINE Just Charge Us 50% Of Our Earnings Instead Of Keeping Mandatory Information Behind Some Ridiculous Wall That Will Lead Them No Where And Gain Them Nothing...
Only Greedy Jerks Enjoy This Current Way Of Things, 5%, Why Such A Low Number, Just Take 50% But Give Us ALL The Information We Need, And Maybe Reduce That Number To 30 Or 25% As People Advance...

This Will Not Only Mean You Would Value Your New Developers, But Also Keep Invite Them, For Most Developers Like Me Give Little About Money, More So About Expressing And Actually Doing Something...Or Meaning Something To Others, Currently, Even If I Manage, I Will Help Everyone Else But Currently Seems Very Deep Of A Curve This Simple Player Adding Business, I Literally Cannot! Use The Engine...

If Your Afraid Of Alienating The Companies That Are With You Now, Just, Let Them Keep The 5% But In The Future, Take 50% Because Its Only Fair, (Maybe Lower? Since Their Probably All About That Paper lol) But HELP The People And EVERY Body Understand How To Truly Utilize Your Engine, Else Im Digging In The Dark And Feels Like Im On Top Of Some Titanium Block lol, Well Good Luck, To Me And To You, Just Had To Get This Across, Thanks For Reading!

Re: Really?

Why? If They Guided The People IT Would Be Immeasurable Advantage TO Use The Engine, I Care More About Delivering A Product Thats Truly Gonna Move Someone Then What I Personally Gain From It... They Can Have My 50%, Considering I Get Some Real Guidance lol

Re: Really?

Yeah But, The Engine Would Blossom If Everyone Just Contributed, You Know What, NVM, I Hope They Do This In The Future Where I Can Actually Also Contribute, Currently Trying To Figure Some Stuff Out, Nothing Wrong With Sharing, Chill Out, What Point Is There In A Mountain Of Gold, If Your The Only One Atop It, If You Cannot Share What You Have, Then Maybe You Shouldn't Have It

Re: Really?

Forget It, No One Really Knows Whats Going On Here, Im Bound By Laws Beyond Myself... Otherwise I Wouldn't Be Here Torturing Myself :P, Love The Engine, Just Some Of The MOST Basic Stuff, Is Simply Out Of Reach, brUh

Re: Really?

Jk, Im Not Being Tortured Just Joking, I Am Actually Starting To Realize And Understand How To Utilize The FlowGraph In The GameSDK To Pull Of Various Effects And Styles With My Player, Currently Working On That, But All Is Well, Great Engine Once You Realize What Their Going For, I Guess :D , However Little I Know, MUST BE SHARED!

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