Hello fellows,

We are pretty new to this engine of Crytek but still we want to make the next step with this one.

I want to introduce myself first:
I am the creator of several mods for Operation Flashpint, Armed Assault 1, 2 and 3. the "Conspiracies" series I created since 2005 are kind of diffrent to their original games. OFP or ARMA has been a military simulator at its release. Since that one was easy to mod I decided in 2004 to go for it and make my own dreams a gaming true with the limitations of that engine of that games. Since I decided now, to finally get a project done which will be commercial in the end, I am searching for members for our project. If you are google that stuff about the Conspiracies series on Arma you probably will find a few stuff about it.

We are are now 3 members at the moment. We have a somebody who knows due his education C# and C++, another one joined us due the modding scene sincd 2016 and myself, doing this modding, terrain editing, stroywriting, mission creating ect since 2004. I am 31 years old now and was since my childhood a big fan of video games. But that game that impressed myself the most was proably FAR CRY. Thats why we decided for that huge project to come back to the CryEngine.
I dont want to reveal too much about that project yet, but we need modellers, guys with knowledge about textures, AI Scripting ect. If you want to be part of it I can reveal some things how we want to work and also working at the moment.

I have a kind of budget I want to put in what I saved over years for that project now. We can not pay members every month, but we will offer a common workshop concept.
That means to be precise: We will take care about the software or also hardware what you need to do your work. We will pay out every single member when the project got released. We are communicating at the moment via TeamSpeak with an own server, we got an own webpage, facebook page, twitter, instagram ect. Also a new server will be setup for you backup files to upload them there.

The concept of game what we have in common will be a 1st person "shooter" but also it will be very different to game we have on the market already.

If you are interessted to hear the full story about it, contact me on any platform we are or just send me a mail to:
Our regulary language on teamspeak is english, but since I am from germany we can also do several meeting or discussions in german.

If you have question also just post them here and I will see if I can answer them. =)
Our webpage:

Looking forward to get some requests of you guys.

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This is the actual list what we are looking for:

- AI Programmer
- Artwork Designers
- Sound Designers
- Research and History Manager
- 3D Artist Designer
- 2D Artist Designer
- Promotion Manager (Public Work)

What programs we work with:

- Blender
- MAGIX Music Maker
- Adobe Photoshop
- Sony Vegas Pro
- CryEngine 5.0

We are open for everybody how is interessted in that project, more details about the project will be revealed when it comes to an interview.
Interview prefered in Teamspeak, Phone or Discord.

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