Is it possible to create UI/Menu's for Cryengine without Adobe Flash?

Hey, so basically question is in the title, I have decided to make a fully functional level in each of my favorite engines before deciding on one to devote all my time to. I have done so in Unity and in Unreal and still have Cryengine and Lumberyard to do. So far I won't lie Cryengine is my favorite from a terrain building standpoint however every tutorial I have found for how to create a menu (in my case looking to just create a simple main menu with a functional exit, options and enter world option) has had people showing how to create the menu in Flash and then load it into Cryengine. Both of the other engines I have used just had you building the menu system in the game itself and most complex part was building the character controller properly which was pretty easy so when I found I had to go to an outside source for menu and UI creation I was a little put off.

I have not used flash and while I am not adverse to it I am hesitant to do so as not only is there a cost involved with Adobe suite but also from everything I know flash is on its way out and well not be supported anymore by the end of this year... so don't really want to put time and money into a product that is on the way out. If I am wrong about any of this please let me know I am a student not a master at any of this so my ego is not involved, let me know your thoughts and suggestions, thank you.

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