Solution modified outside the environment after every safe

Hey guys,
not a really important question, but I'm a control + s spammer while programming and every time I do that a window pops up saying:
The solution 'Game' has been modified outside the environment.

Press Reload to load the updated solution from disk.
Press Ignore to ignore external changes. The changes will be used the next time you open the solution.
With a 'Reload' and an 'Ignore' button. I doesn't matter what I press. The window will pop up every time when I wanna say. Super annoying.
Is there a fix or a way to stop that window from poping up?

CryEngine 5.6 (C#) with Visual Studio 2017.

Re: Solution modified outside the environment after every safe

Hi Meowlicious,

We are indeed aware of this issue.
Currently there is no workaround without modifying the engine yourself.

You can try turning off external file modification in Visual Studio but this can cause more problems than solve them depending on your workflows. To do this navigate to:
Tools -> Options -> Environment -> Documents and uncheck "Detect when file is changed outside the environment."
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