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Hello. There was such a problem when I try to tie sounds to Bot through the flow graph. I bind playing sounds from the Orange output (Yellow color photo). Through the Any node, I bind a repeat action with a timing of 5 seconds (Black color photo). Then, with the help of Any, he tied the Green and Red outputs to the stop of these audio triggers (Blue color photo). The problem is that the sounds of the Orange alarm do not stop when the Green and Red alarm occur. They play on. Most likely, the problem lies in the Any node, which I did in the beginning and looped the action. But I just don’t understand how otherwise these triggers can be looped. What can be done in this situation?

Re: Bot Sound \ FlowGraph

Can you clarify following for us?

1) What exact engine version do you use and which project (GameSDK / templates / something custom)
2) Which audio middleware are you working with and what's the exact version?
GameSDK 5.6 \ CRYENGINE 5.6.5 \ Audio Control Editor (SDL Mixer 2.0.4).

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