Cryengine 5.6 Error List

I am trying to do a little game for learning. But On notification board, there is 175 and more errors. Most of them is about texture-shaders.
But in my game -actually in my map- there no any problems I mean, everything is seems allright.


Re: Cryengine 5.6 Error List

Hi Kurtul,

Some of the warnings will be from some legacy systems that you should not worry about.
Generally though, if you do not see any issues you should be fine.

For the warnings you have shown to us;
"CGF Loading Failed" - I would check if this object exists, and try to find the asset or system attempting to load this object.
"Failed to Load Animation DBA" - I believe this is due to a DBA file being specified inside a CHR file for your character. Please check the animation documentation for further information.
"Error: Shader Scopes.cfx doesn't exist..." - This shader was deprecated, you will need t o use a different shader/method for scopes (FOV tweak with blur for example)
"Texture Does not exist" - Self-Explanatory, make sure the textures can be found at the location specified or look for the asset that needs them and remove the references.
"Texture does not have alpha channel" - If your normal map does not have an alpha channel (For Gloss Map) then use the ddn suffix instead of ddna, although for PBR you should be using ddna.
"Normal map should have _ddn suffix" - All texture generally should stick to the correct naming convention, this helps the Resource Compiler determine the base presets easier.
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