Using Cryengine's Sculpting Brushes in Game?


I'm interested in creating a survival game where players can carve objects, such as wooden spoons or longbows. I thought the best way to do this was instead of trying to make it realistic, why not just let players sculpt their own using Cryengine's sculpting tools?

I've seen the different types of brushes used for sculpting in ZBrush, and I assume some of those will be found in Cryengine's toolkit. Any ideas for getting those tools to work in game?

Thank you!

Re: Using Cryengine's Sculpting Brushes in Game?

Hi johnapperson,
we don't have such tools in the Sandbox and shipping parts of Sandbox with the profile build is not covered by our typical license.
We do have Designer Tools, which are perfect for prototyping and white-boxing levels, however these would not be suitable for your idea.
The idea of giving an opportunity to sculpt to players is a great one, however you need to make sure that you will implement a number of other things in the game for it:
such as auto-LOD generation for the created assets, automatic proxy mesh creation and everything pertaining to texturing.
In most games when a player is able to craft an object what occurs is an animation sequence where one asset disappears and another appears - but these are pre made.
You would also need to make sure to implement procedural animation in the crafting sequences.

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