Re: Enemy 3rd Person Animations for Player Character—Is It Possible?

Here are two reasons why, IMO this is not a great idea and I believe is also the reason why is almost never used in any FPS game, one is to remove any chance of motion sickness, your character is a moving camera, if everytime he gets shot the view shakes around like crazy, some players will get seriously motion sick, don't think this is rare, because is not, I've add this happen to me in some games (mostly because of low fov) and I never get car sick, another important reason, because the view shakes around and if you don't manage the shaking to a minimum, it will be very hard to shot back at your enemies, specially when you can get hit many times in a short span of time, that will lead to many players dying fast and become frustrated with the game.
I believe strongly this two reasons are enough to make many people give bad reviews to your game.
But this is my opinion, you do what you want, but if I was you and I was making the game with comercial intentions, playtesting this with many different people, before final public release, would be something I would consider strongly.

Good luck with your game and be safe from C-19.

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