Castaway asking some advices

Hello, let me edit my post, what I said before was completly unanderstandable.

So, simply said, I'm searching a dev who would like to work on my project against REVSHARE.

Then, that said, let me rephrase my previous post. What I was talking about (which was unclear, I don't know how say it) is that I might not be on the right forum because I don't have a lot of money, so I would prefer to keep it for ads, which means that a dev with paid engine is not exactly the best bet for me.

Then I'm a conceptor and not a dev. And it's certainly the hardest to explain to you indie dev community because most of you consider that you are both, dev and conceptor, which according to me is wrong (it's my opinion). I'm not going to speak more about it we could do a whole topic about "devs vs conceptors".

But it's just to notice that I would prefer to teamup with someone who understand that He is the dev and I'm the conceptors. Which is completly different.

And If you know a hub (from Europe) that fits more to my request, than this forum, don't hesitate to share it (even through pm).

I hope I'm more comprehensible
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Re: Castaway asking some advices

Gotcha :)
While it's fine to post calls for development and pitches, I'm certain you will find more support within game development community when you have a specific project to talk about.
It would be best to have a prototype for example or have a pitch which has all concepts, mechanics, visuals and details of the project already described.
I think CRYENGINE would be very helpful to develop a prototype, but it will always depend on the developer to organize a team for a project.
After all, this is your project!
Looking forwards to seeing you expand on your ideas.

Re: Castaway asking some advices

I can not give too much detail on the forum without take the risk to be copied by someone else (I will still do it through pm or mail if someone is interested).

But I can still do a general presentation to give a better idea. So really simply, let say it's between duelyst ( and fantasy general 2 (but it's not the right example), more realistic.
It's tactical.

Then I have the full "concept" I'm not talking about a 1 paragraphe idea. I talk about everything. Maybe I should tell it like this: "the plan" is entirely "designed" (I don't know how you call this, maybe a "mock-up" but solely by hand), nothing to add. "By hand" it's seems good. I have "sketches" to explain it. Then I can not say more without reveal it.

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