Assets browser import Vs FBX import (Problems with Textures)

Hello there

If i just import the fbx from the assets browser window . the asset is imported correct and all images are converted .
The downside to this is i am unable to set the physicalzation.

Using the FBX import to import the same asset results in errors and a lot of images not converted.?
So i import the missing images using Assets browser import and this results in there being 3 of all images - mtl and cgf.?

Heres a video from the time.

Re: Assets browser import Vs FBX import (Problems with Textures)

Unfortunately the video link is shown as private. It would be great to know what errors you encounter during the importing process.

However it is worth noting that once an FBX is imported via drag and drop, you can double left click on the asset in the Asset Browser and this will open the FBX Importer window where you can fine tune various settings. This will be the same as when importing through FBX Importer originally.

Re: Assets browser import Vs FBX import (Problems with Textures)

Thanks for reply

I have made video Unlisted now.

and around 6 min you can see it make muliple copys of all assets.

errors are mostly Can't copy from

12:12:46 Can't copy from "e:\cryengine\cryengine launcher\crytek\gamesdk_5.5\gamesdk\user\texturecompiler\gamesdk\objects\cityengine/offint_04/" to "gamesdk\objects\cityengine/": The system cannot find the file specified.

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