For Austhetics I may need to bake Light/Shadow maps what's your workflow?

Although dynamic lights are good for some senarioes, there is no reason to use a dynamic shadow on a static object if the scene is static and the object and light are also static.

For 2 reasons:
1-For Performance
2-For Austhetics

I use DCC tools like Maya to bake light maps which are images baked on textures to get the soft shadows I need, but the question how to properly project a light map on an object what shader to use?

I tried creating baked scenes and the performance of the scene increased dramatically and I also reached the austhetic feel I intended.

Q: what is your workflow in using lightmaps in cryengine what shader you use to project a light map over a diffuse map?

Some insight I know CryEngine is all about the craze of everything dynamic but for some games this wont work because the performance cost is high and frame rate is more important than a dynamic light shadow on a static object.

Too much dynamic shadows cost performance and I got that by experience, canceling shadows will make the scene flat, so baking is the solution.

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