Re: New forums and website updates!

Hey guys, thanks for all your great suggestions. We'll all compile them in a list and discuss them with the team. :)

It's good to see all the positive feedback, too! Thanks for your support and suggestions - keep them coming!

[Moderation Note: I made this topic a sticky because I feel like for the first couple of weeks, it makes sense to collect all suggestions for the freshly launched forum in one topic. ;) Will unstick it later on.]

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Re: New forums and website updates!

Can maybe add;

1. Anchor link bbcode support (would help my index hehe)
2. Auto thumbnailing for large images and integrate with slideshow feature?
3. Spoiler/hide bbcode
4. Color syntax multi-language foldable code block bbcode

Bbcode stuff takes minutes.
That slideshow thing maybe be more difficult. Maybe wrap every image in some max size limited div?

Also breadcrumb missing from search page, need to scroll to bottom for board index :).
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Re: New forums and website updates!

I really don't see the point of clicking on a persons avatar.. to see that info.. that info should be seen under the avatar anyway.. just make the width where the avatar div is a bit larger and cram it all in :)

would look better imo I don't care about the minimalist look of hiding everything in tucked away areas.. its bleh yknow just more extra clicks

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