Re: New forums and website updates!

we'll have it removed.

And yes i agree post count and joined date should be displayed under the nickname. Nickname also needs +1 on fontsize if you ask me. Purple mod colors needs to be orange becouse purple isn't working out on this background. Also perhaps a tad bit brighter color on the textarea. Other than that i'm liking the changes.

Re: New forums and website updates!

I made some css improvements you can check here.. viewtopic.php?f=52&t=40&p=136 username font bigger,avatar bigger etc, some reduction on padding sizes.

The forum seems to be missing an alerts feature like xenforo, its pretty much the best thing any forum could have.. being alerted to someone quoting a post of yours or using @username, or just anyone replying to a thread you commented on aswel.. makes it easier to see updates relevant topics... does this forum have that? its phpbb forum?

Some suggestions for forum update

Helly Crytek Team,

first of all I'd like to say that it's really nice to see some changes to the forum. However I'd would like to suggest couple of things as a user and webdev. Of course my apologies if this is being taken into consideration already however in case you didn't catch this or didn't replicate it on your site here are some things I'd suggest. Please consider them as honest feedback :)

1. Search function seems to have some js conflict - talking about dropdown div for search icon. It disappears after clicking/focusing on search input. So it's not really possible to use it.
2. Lack of redirects. When new forum has been introduced domain change I would suggest implementing some 301 redirects - it's gonna be useful both for users as they still would be able to find topic they have been looking for (coming from search engines) or external links. That would of course mean migrating posts to existing domain. As with the new design/forum all the links throw out 404 error pages which is really frustrating, that is due to lack of posts being migrated and change of subdomain. Simple redirection would be beneficial both for users and let you keep all you're rankings / link juice / SEO exposure within organic search results. Hope that makes sense. It should be very clear and simple thing to implement for your webdevs.

Also some redirections from crydev (simple url rewrite rules) would help users to find lots of useful stuff as it bothered me that many links to very useful posts throw out 404 page so everytime I had to simply change base url in browser manually.

These are my major suggestions and again my apologies if this is intended or being resolved already :) Just trying to be helpful here.

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