Questions about GameSDK's IA / Melee attack / Scripting IA

Hello everyone,

I have several requests for information regarding gameSDK AIs, melee weapons, and scripts.

First of all about gameSDK's AI:

1-The AI ​​and the "Human" entity of the SDK (weapons and the whole system linked to shooting and damage too) are a very good basis for what I want to do. Is it reasonable to build a game from the gameSDK?

2-If it is more suitable. Is it possible to recover the AI, the Human entity, the weapons code etc ... from the gameSDK to a "blank" project? Without spending too much time or hard coding?

3-Then, I tried to create my own "Behavior tree" scripts based on the existing ones. I use a melee attack. All work well except that I have no "Hit" detection. I think I have the wrong syntax.
I use this sequence:
"<Melee target="Target" cylinderRadius="3" hitType="CGameRules::EHitType::Melee" materialEffect="materialEffectName" duration="1.0"/>"
I think the "hitType is not correct but i don't know where to find the correct ref.
Can you shed some light on the problem?

4-Is it possible to display 80-100 active AIs on the screen? Or is there a security limit?

5-Is it possible to have a damage multiplier linked to the AI ​​entity in addition to the one already present on weapons?

6-Does AI navigation work on "Brush" or on inexpensive geometric objects?

7-I also need an automatic turret entity. The turret include in GameSDK seems to work (except shooting) but i can't find detailled doc on it. Could you link me some ?

Thank you in advance for your help :)

Re: Questions about GameSDK's IA / Melee attack / Scripting IA

Hi Merunes,

that's a lot of questions for one topic, I'll try to answer some, but considering that it's holiday season, it would be best to go on discord with some of these.

1. Gamesdk is there as an example for code, assets etc, but there are a lot of projects built on its base. I would recommend you look closely at what's available and port the needed parts. The good thing is everything is maintained in separate folders and files. You just need to unpack the assets from pak files.

2. You can totally port scripts. They will be in a relevant folder.

4. You can have these many ai entities at the same time, but the performance will suffer. This is again a question of game design and necessity.

6. Ai navigation meshes can be arranged how you want it in many different configurations. But brushes are what you already stated - cheap objects. Navigation mesh will take them into consideration, but it is recommended to assume these are obstacles. It really depends on the game design what objects you use and how many expensive, physicalized entities are present. Essentially it's a question of necessity, same as it would be with LODs.

Re: Questions about GameSDK's IA / Melee attack / Scripting IA

Thank you for that answer ! :)

I am aware that the period is not the most suitable for asking questions. I don't mind waiting a bit.

1-Regarding the recovery of GameSDK assets I have no worries. It is really for the code part that I wonder.
I guess if I only get .pak from GameSDK to a "Blank" project. The entity "human" for example will not be functional? Is not it ?
I guess there is a need to go through C ++?
I mean, the "IA" files (.xml, .chr, .Lua etc ...) contained in the Pak files. Are files that call and dialogue with the Game Code?

If that's the case, I imagine that I need to go through C ++ to be able to use GameSDK AI on a "Blank" template?

2-Regarding the navigation of AI. My goal is to know if I can make AI walk on a ground which would not be expensive in resource (example "brush").
From what I have been able to test, I have the impression that I cannot make AI walk on anything other than "entities" whether it be "staticObject" "RigidBody" etc ...
Like you say, the brush seem to be consider like an obstacle only.
It does not bother me if it is not too demanding in resource.
My gamedesign includes that the ground is not terrain but rather 3D models. That is why I am trying to find out what type of object would be the least expensive to create the ground on which the AIs will walk.

Re: Questions about GameSDK's IA / Melee attack / Scripting IA

1. So for AI we have a specific tool that works with the scripts and that would the Behavior Tree Editor.
Gamesdk ai's have behavior trees that are kept as xml files in scripts folders. I think it's best to open those in the Behavior Tree Editor and it will be quite clear what's what.
If you are familiar with C++, then the BTE will be a no-brainer :)
Behavior trees can be used in any project.

2. Yes, the actual "floor" or interactive obstacles need to be entities with collision boxes, there is no way around that I'm afraid.

Re: Questions about GameSDK's IA / Melee attack / Scripting IA

It depends!
If you are making a wargame with hexes which affect lots of things in the game logic, that would be one thing.
However if your "floor" is out of hexes for visual purposes I would not aim for making every tile a separate entity,
rather it would be a texture for the floor.
It's a question of what is necessary in the game, if the game is to be shipped to an end-user, everything is a compromise.
Generally speaking making every tile as a separate entity and 3d object is a bad idea in any game using any engine.

Re: Questions about GameSDK's IA / Melee attack / Scripting IA

Yes I agree with you.
I also think that it is not recommended to do a whole "floor" as multiple seperated entity. It's seems a bad idea. :)
I'm going to think of ways to do this because I need to use the hexagons as a "grid" for the "game board" while allowing AI to navigate on it as a "floor".
Thank you for this point, I will adapt.

I still have some concerns with the "turret" entities. I'm not able to make them shoot at any target. Aiming and reactivity are ok, but not shooting. (GameSDK 5.6 Turrets)
Do you know these entities a little ?
I did not find enough details on the official docs.

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