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Hi guys, as I released my last update of this asset, I begin developing another UI system with more features. I'm publishing the report of progress, so if you want a feature for the next one, please reply here or PM me. I'll do my best, and thanks to you all for supporting me!

REPORT: 03:42 12.04.2019
• Added localized strings to flash messages for translating

REPORT: 02:33 12.04.2019
• Added out of ammo message for ammo build
• Added reload warning message for low ammo
• Added low health warning for > 25 health

REPORT: 21:55 11.04.2019
• Added vehicle controls indicator for vehicle build
• Re-designed usable object message with button
• Added stance indicators right to the minimap (stance, crouch)
• Re-designed health indicator and placed right to the minimap
• Fixed some compass bugs where no map file given
• Fixed minimap icons is not displaying when out of masked area
• Fixed minor icon bugs for minimap
• Added minimap feature instead of compass

REPORT: 18:47 10.04.2019
• Re-designed Weapon Customization
• Added warning message feature
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Re: AXPR Modern UI System

You should develop one that does not require the GameSDK to cater to more developers :)
You mean that the Schematyc, C# and C++ templates? I don't know much about that project type codes. I want to complete my GameSDK works first, then I will make some tests on FPS projects.

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