Setting up a first-person weapon?

Made a custom weapon, from a third-person everything looks like a textbook. From a first-person perspective, I get the same problems as at the very bottom of the article ... le+Effects but the continuation of the tutorial is not? or i can't find? What to do, how to fix it?
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Re: Setting up a first-person weapon?

Helper positions are defined as attachments to the character object of the weapon. You can see these in the GameSDK weapons. These attachments are stored in the character definition file (CDF).
For example, for the rifle FP helper locations, the CDF is located at:

You can open the weapon in the character tool and add attachments that way, or directly modify the CDF file.
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Re: Setting up a first-person weapon?

Yes, I added a bone and made a weapon as a character object. Added an helper in the character editor it works. There is really one problem with the helper particles attached, effects of shooting (tracer, gun_smoke, muzzle_flash) The first two effects work as they should, and muzzle_flash after the first shot stops working

Re: Setting up a first-person weapon?

It looks like the problem above is solved by assigning a separate assistant for each effect of a gun shot.
Remains problem number 2 how do I adjust the position of the weapon. I found such a thing, which is partially broken in version 5 of the engine, but still you can adjust the position of the weapon. Now the question is where to enter the output of the weapon? ... Animations

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