which? a Book for Schematyc CE 5.6 or C++ CE 5.5?

Hi my friends,

I started for wrote/published books and articles , videos, topics in forum/web sites , Facebook, telegram , twitter , etc about CryEngine since 2013 , 3hree of dozen things.

Please download and see C++ CryEngine 5.4 my book in bottom topic link :


Please download and see my video tutorials of Schematyc prograhhing :

Playlist 01
https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLG ... uknpxfhIMQ

Playlist 02

https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLG ... rUzdR_196F

I want ask only a question of you today , what do you think about a great book C++ in CryEngine 5.5 or a huge book Schematyc in CryEngine 5.6 ?

Which you like of a book for write by ahmad karami (me) ? C++ or Schematyc ?

Please you comments your opinions...

I'm waiting your feedbacks...

Thanks a lot
Ahmad Karami

Re: which? a Book for Schematyc CE 5.6 or C++ CE 5.5?

Wait for Schematyc 2.0. No date on release for 2.0. I have my fingers crossed for this year. Im sure they are redoing a lot.
Keep crossing Lavizh. This engine's only problem is not the absence of Schematyc 2.
I think , If ce team add schematyc 2 (hunt showdown) to cryengine 5.6, it is enough now , I'm sure that if Schematyc be same with blueprint , people migrate to cry engine 5.6, we waiting for 2wo years for publish schematyc 2.0 or a new major schematyc.

My big problem is absence schematyc in cryengine 5.5, if a day published schematyc 2.0 or a new major schematyc just like blueprints , I can start for make my great game with schematyc , cause I know all things and tools in cryengine , I waiting for get schematyc 2.0 or a new major of schematyc ;-)

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