(video included) Very big problem - Importing FBX is O.K. But I can not load the texture.

I ' ve just started to use Cryengine. I have learnt a lot of things by watching youtube tutorials and all worked as they were supposed to.

BUT! I have watched a video " importing fbx". I have tried many times (even recorded for you) but after i load the mesh, I can't load the textures (material).

Note: Wherever I load the fbx file, it shows up with it's texture. (It has textures)
Note2 : You should pay attention the warnings included video within the software. Something wrong with rc.exe (I have reinstalled - even uptaded. I didn't work.
Note 3: If there is something you should now which was shown on the video, please say, I will give more info.

Here the video.

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