Two sources !

The problem is as follows:

- I have 2 character setups, each of which may enable a separate series of action maps. Lets say they're controlled by 2 keyboard/mouse combo's.
- The 2 setups can use the same action maps/key bindings, but it's a given that they'll be enabled/disabled at different times.

How would I go about implementing this with the existing ActionMapManager? Or how would I go about modifying it etc. or spinning off my own input version?

The target result is: Using a key of some sort that differentiates between states (e.g. 1, 2, 3005) to toggle between enabled-action maps when processing key inputs from the player.

e.g. "If from keyboard1 then OnAction(map1, id, etc.) otherwise OnAction(map2, id, etc.)" (Same applies to enabling/disabling etc.)

Heck, having more than one instance of the action map manager would be nice as well. Just it looks like it's part of the global env and since CryAction is so convoluted I couldn't get a solution.

Re: Two sources !

You'd have to edit source code, I've done something similar to have more than one action map manager instance before in a server implementation that simulates 2+ clients.

Most of the system (for player proifles/etc.) expects only one action map manager. I didn't care about that so I just made that portion default to the 0'th or "default" action map manager, and the rest of my system worked as expected.

Maybe I'll make this feature better/public but I'm hoping for some more solutions here as well :)

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