Re: UNIGINE Looks like Cryengine

I think you mean the Unigine editor 2 looks similar to Sandbox, the tools are not the engines, even tho many people think so, about the similarities, I would hardly call it a 1:1 copy, there's many differences, specially where icons are placed and what function they have. Both engines do have similar capabilities, there's not that much different ways to do what they do, Unigine does support unlimited world sizes out of the box. Unigine is a very good looking and powerful engine, is not really very popular in the gaming industry, is mostly used on the "serious" industry where you cannot use Cryengine, like "Serious Games", architectural visualizations, training software, military projects, car industry for CAD visualization, etc. They have a gaming section but there's a few games on there and unlike Cryengine that can be used and tested for free (until you are liable to pay royalties), Unigine makers ask for a monthly payment of 83 dollars and afaik they only let companies (gaming included) try the engine for free.

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