'No surface type!Assign something to this'

Hi there,
I have created some characters and they works fine in the sandbox.I assigned materials correctly with surface types.But when I jump into game and shoot at that character then it shows 'No surface type!Assign something to this'.I reloaded the scripts,restarted the sandbox,reassigned the materials but didn't solve it.
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Help me guys!
Any suggestions are appreciated!
Vishwajith Weerasinghe

Re: 'No surface type!Assign something to this'

Thanx Cry-Flare for pointing me there.I found the error exactly what happened.The SurfaceTypes.xml is modified accidentally by myself and I replaced it with original one.Now it works fine.
Thanks again! :P
The surface type is set in the material settings.
Make sure there is a surface type defined, for more information about surface types, please see this documentation page:
https://docs.cryengine.com/pages/viewpa ... d=26215203
Vishwajith Weerasinghe

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