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Is it a technical limitation of some kind or a bug the fact that the light entity properties (other than enable/disable/active) cannot be controlled via Flow Graph (at least in 5.3)? I have tryed with GetProperty/SetProperty but doesn't seem to work.

depends what you want to do, light entity node itself can be only enabled,disabled or activated

Re: Lights & FG

if you want to control component:lights they are schematyc

the lights that work with flow graph property get/set are part of the GameSDK

Ok, thanx, I'll look into it. Nevertheless, in my opinion, if it's not a bug it's just another limitation which doesn't make too much sense.

Re: Lights & FG


it seems math set color doesnt work right with property set

try using vec3 set instead

work for me 100%

light-1 properties set.xml
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light color fix.png
light color fix.png (42.53 KiB) Viewed 855 times

if you need help and want to transition from 5.3 to 5.5 there are steps you need to take or your terrain and some other things will be messed.

so far ive had luck going from 5.3 to 5.4 then after converting levels and opening and saving going to 5.5.

if you can go to atleast 5.4 i will share my schematyc lights and a few others so you can see how graphing and components works in schematyc.

if anyone else can give input on this please give any issues/ fixes

Yes, I'm using GameSDK 5.3, but for some reason the above nodes (PropertyGet/Set) do not work for lights.

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