Re: Wanna to see face animation setup instruction

Hey there,

You may want to take a look at our blendshape documentation; ... lendshapes

For cinematic sequences you will get the best results from animating your facial moods and expressions in a DCC app (for example, with Motion Capture), and then importing these animations in.
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Re: Wanna to see face animation setup instruction

Hi Cry-Flare and thx for reply.
Yes I saw it before but it not very informative (since tutorials fully aming on DDC that I do not using)
I guess it for old engine version? how to do same with new 5.5 engine ? do I need use FBX importer to import blendshapes?
Could you (or someonce else) add pipeline tutorial for blender into cry Docs, and how to import face with new engine.
Note: I use Blender->FBX exporter, it's valid to use such FBX for blendshapes ?

Hi bowlmaster, nice anim test!
I want trying to make the similar test, but for cartoon face.

Could you tell more info (detailed) on step "In TrackView you can mix your Animations together." Any info/tutorials links "step by step" ?

I never used TrackView before, is it's usable now in cryengine5.5 or still in develop phase? how I could manage Trackview from C++?

Re: Wanna to see face animation setup instruction

Use tutorial files of SAMPLE_V8 ... and use one of max or maya skeleton project.You can find it easily.When you rig the skeleton to a character mesh seperate eyes and head then rig head part using neck,head,headnub bones only, Rig eyes with left_eye_bone and right_eye_bone(That video shows for normal character rigging as a replacement of sdk characters).Now you can animate it.Try it.
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