Cryengine Beginners Guide to Characters

A four part series covering the following:

Applications Used

Crytek Tech Artist.. Danny Man's CEMAXUTILS Plugin for 3ds Max Versions 2014-2019
3ds Max 2015
Adobe Photoshop with Crytiff plugin
Cryengine 5.5 3rd Person C++ Template

Note: CeMaxUtils,ComponentHelpers,Setup Files are posted alongside Videos

Part 1
mixamo character creation and animation exporting
mixamo importing into 3ds max, setting up textures and material creation
exporting base character from 3ds max to cryengine and cdf creation

Part 2
importing mixamo animations into 3ds max and exporting to cryengine
setting up animations in cryengine, creating the files required
Animations Used;
Walk Forward
Walk Backward
Idle Look Around (Additive)

Part 3
Installing ComponentHelpers.dll
creating basic mannequin files and importing animations
setting up as standard character and testing in editor

Part 4
setting up as player

Future Parts
character Phys Creation
character LOD's Creation
BlendSpace animation creation and setup
mannequin in-depth


part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

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