Looking for CE Developers for our WIP Multiplayer Open-World Survival Game

Hi Everyone,

I've been working with Cryengine for about 4 years now, working on the Open World Survival game shown in the video below. I recently realized that the game needs to be multiplayer for it to be truly interesting and immersive. I'm currently planning on 1-4 players co-op, but if possible increase up to 25 or more for survival gameplay similar to DayZ or Miscreated.

It would be fantastic to have people join the team to help develop the game! The end goal is to have this released on Steam. Anyone with experience or interest in developing Multiplayer Games in CryEngine would be great! 3D asset developers or Level Editors would also be a huge plus. Currently I'm the only one on the team with CryEngine skills so anyone who has CE experience could definitely help.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions (email: instinctsfear2@gmail.com)

Thanks for any interest!


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