Free Cryengine V Color Correction-Pack vol.1

Cryengine V
CC-Pack vol.1 (32 Presets+Instructions)
CC= Color Correction or Color Grading Image This pack contains 32 high quality presets. To get the best out of your project. 21 Cinematic Presets
11 True Life Camera Emulations (Like Kodak or Fuji)
+ HQ Environment Setting + HQ Svoti Setting. Download: MS-OneDrive Post your Experience on this Post, or if you have any wishes. At Artifacts on the Reflections, set the SVOTI Integration-Mode to 0 not 1 or 2 This pack is optimized for Quixel Megascans(Set the Environment Time to 12:00) PREVIEW
Thumbnails were created with the CC-Pack
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