Animation assets issue in the The Climb - Asset Pack

I have a question about the animation assets in the The Climb - Asset Pack , it's really nice to have them especially the animals assets, but I couldn't find any animations on them, even I checked them in the character tool , only the bear could be animated , but my point is how could I use them easily in the scene as same as the UE4 engine?
1.Is there any entity triggers I can use to spawn them?
2.Can I grab the animated assets in assets browser and put them directly in the scene?
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Re: Animation assets issue in the The Climb - Asset Pack

This is a similar/duplicate question of:

Some of the animals do not actually have animations provided.
To use the animals you would use an Animated Mesh Component available from the Create Object->Components->Geometry menu.
You can then use Schematyc to animate the characters.

If you prefer to use Flow Graph, you will need to use the Legacy Entities available from the GameSDK Sample Project.
You can then use the Legacy Animation entity and use Flow Graph to animate the entity.
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