Re: Service Unavailable?

Probably won't be fixed until monday with the weekend and all hanging over us.
I thought that the weekend is a preferred time to do server maintenance, because why would they schedule it on the weekend if no-one is working then ... or did they start this on Friday and got attacked by the java? Then you would be right of course.

btw lavizh: do you know if threads from 2008 - 2014 are in the community archive? Or did they move those from the crymod days somewhere else?

Re: Service Unavailable?

The Crymod days are gone. ...
So at least 6 years of forum threads are gone? (or do you mean lost - no backups...?). What a pity considering all those invaluable posts by sandhesten and intrepidbiped as an example ... Surely the 'archives' would be a great place to store those how tos and dev logs by the old days level designers. All that work people put into those threads and tutorials. What a shame.

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