Problems with BUILD

Hello everyone ! Building up my game I saw that the .pak files are not protected.
Is there a way to protect them?
I read an official guide on how to Cript them, but unfortunately I can not.

Is there anyone who could help me ??
Explain detail for details of things, I'm not very experienced in CryEngine, I come from Unreal Engine.
Sorry for my english

Re: Problems with BUILD

There is encryption available for .pak files.

Currently you will need to modify the engine source code slightly (to insert your key).
The first step would be to setup Visual Studio as stated in the documentation and then build the engine.

Follow this doc to compile and package all your assets. If you are using a Launcher Template, you can simply right-click on your Game.cryproject file and select "Package build".

Once you have a package ready, you can go through the steps to encrypt your packages.

For encrypting the packages you will want to check over the steps mentioned here to generate your key and encrypt the .pak files themselves.

Once you have encrypted your pak files, you will need to tell the engine what the key is to open the pak files. You will need to change/insert a few lines of code (your encryption key) into the engine source code, and then build (test encryption in Profile configuration first, then Release configuration).

In 5.5, the encryption key would be put into the engine source code. Like so:
encryption_key_engine_edit.PNG (48.45 KiB) Viewed 307 times
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