Question about limb IK

I was looking for a way to "set IK targets to specific locations" and came across this article: ... de+a+Level

It could be absolutely perfect for my needs (simple and quick and solving a lot of things) if there wasn't a note below the title:

"The FlowNode this document refers to doesn't exist since SDK release 3.5
The functionality to set IK targets to specific locations is still accessible through code by using..."

The code option is not of any interest to me as I'm not a programmer and do not intend to become one, so, if this solution was removed, is there an alternative (non-coding) solution in place now (CE 5.3.3) to deal with such tasks ?

Re: Question about limb IK

#2 ... /Actor.cpp

line 210

if (setLimbPos)
pCharacter->GetISkeletonPose()->SetHumanLimbIK(finalPos,"RgtArm01"); //SetRArmIK(finalPos);
else if (flags & IKLIMB_LEFTHAND)
pCharacter->GetISkeletonPose()->SetHumanLimbIK(finalPos,"LftArm01"); //SetLArmIK(finalPos);
} ... Helper.cpp

line 52

if (rIKLimbType.m_nSolver == *(uint32*)"2BIK")
IK_Solver2Bones(vLocalPos, rIKLimbType, poseData);
if (rIKLimbType.m_nSolver == *(uint32*)"3BIK")
IK_Solver3Bones(vLocalPos, rIKLimbType, poseData);
if (rIKLimbType.m_nSolver == *(uint32*)"CCDX")
IK_SolverCCD(vLocalPos, rIKLimbType, poseData);

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