Plesase don't remove Lua

Schematyc is a nice addition to the engine. But please reconsider removing Lua support.
C++ and Lua is a great combo. I know there is a bit of learning curve. But once you get over it, it's heaven.
It has so many nice features.
Now,, I can work with schematic. I can write more c++ code to expose functionalities to shcematyc.
I understand that it's a god-send for non-programmers.
But Lua and c++ workflow is too good to abandon.
Hopefully this will get to Crytek engine team.

Re: Plesase don't remove Lua

I think they should add Lua + c++ template for the next engine update.
It's all about how you market your product. Give c++ and Lua template a new pretty icon and write a clean code.
It'll look brand new.
I wrote Lua + c++ template for simple third person shooter myself.
Believe me,, once you get used to this workflow,, there's noting like it.
Personally, I prefer it over visual scripting. Once you have 50~60 boxes daisy-chained with each other for doing simple things,
you are going to want to use Lua. The only reason it looks out-dated and hard to learn is because Crytek
didn't put much effort into making it look new.
It's a very good workflow. There's a reason why Lumberyard devs are still developing it.

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