Schematyc - Unable to add a "Class"

Referring to this tutorial and others from official Cryengine channel here ... pb&index=6

They always first use a class as the object all functionality will be built upon. However now in v5.4 there's no such option to create a "Class". I instead do New -> Schematyc Entity.

Is this the same way? By the way, these tutorials are outdated. Almost everything is changed now from what's being shown.

Re: Schematyc - Unable to add a "Class"

Thank you, we very much appreciate your feedback regarding our learning materials.
Schematyc is still in beta and is subject to minor, as well as major changes.

Creating a new Schematyc entity is the way to go, you can add as many components as you wish to the same entity.
If you get stuck doing something in particular, please let us know. :)
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