wwise - importing new audio files breaks sound in-game

Hey, I have a wwise project with music in a switch container that I'm using. I've been trying to add some new tracks I made but for some reason if I import two different tracks, it completely breaks the audio - the sound won't play at all.

I have 6 new audio files I want to import, and all but 2 play fine.

EDIT: I know what the problem is, but I don't know why. I have 46 media items in my wwise project, and i supposedly have 200 for the free license. But no matter what media file I add after 46, it breaks the sound. Any idea how to fix this?

edit2: it isn't dependent on the amount of media files in the project either. I deleted a sound sfx object in my actor-mixer hierarchy in order to 'make room,' but sounds still broken.

edit3: I nailed down the problem even more. For some reason, it's only a problem with this new music segment. If I have more than 4 tracks in it, it breaks all music, which doesn't make sense because I have other music segments with a lot more than 5 tracks that work fine.

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