Boids not loaded

Hello Community,

I'm not used to ask questions on forum because I find solutions to my problems in most of cases, but this time I'm totally stuck on a problem related to boids.
This if my first post, so apologize if i'm in the wrong section.

I created a project and created some assets like buildings and vegetation, after this I try to create some characters for creating new boids.
All the flow and the results are OK, I successfully created a cow / pig / horse that replace the chickens included in the sample assets.
When dropping my new boids, they are successfully loaded and I can see them and manage their properties.
But, when I close CryEngine and restart it, the boids are not shown anymore... I can just see the icon, but no models seems to be loaded.

To debug this, I did many tests:
- Delete all the boids of my map, and keep only one that are the chickens (made by Crytek), and not a modified one : KO - Chickens not loaded when restarting CE
- Create a new project and a new fresh map into it, drag one chicken boids entity : OK - Boids are visible when restarting CE
- Create a new map in my existing project, drag one chicken boids entity : OK - Boids are visible when restarting CE
- Loading the sample map "Forest" in my project : OK - Chicken boids are visible into it
- Create a duplicate of my map, delete all the vegetation, brushes, geom entities, roads, rivers, particles, ... and keep only 1 boids entity : KO - Chickens not loaded when restarting CE

I cannot understand where is the origin of my problem, I plan to restart the map from scratch because each test with a new map is OK, but before do this HUGE work, I want to post my issue to get a solution.
Bellow are some precision to help anyone who can help me:
- I'm developer, so I'm able to understand all the programmatical logic and bugs
- I didn't created any flowgraph into my map
- I begin the map by flatten the ground's height to 135
- The map size is 4096x4096
- CryEngine version is 5.3
- I never get this problem on previous versions (previous projects on 2.*, 3.*, ...)
- It seems that only boids are affected by the problem
- I think that the problem is there since the beginning of my map

One last -and maybe useful- information :
Strangly, when I created new boids and work on them properties, some boids are sudently working, until I restart CE.
When this happen, I have to move near boids and -sometimes- some boids are loaded.
According to this, maybe the problem is linked to a bad configuration of LOD's, or a memory usage.

Please help me, because this problem stop totally my project since animations like boids are mandatory to reach my goal :(
I don't know useful cvar's that I can use to debug the problem too, so after my serie of tests, I'm totally stuck from now.

Thank you all in advance for help me !


Re: Boids not loaded

When they dont work do you have any errors or warnings? Are you testing in editor game mode or pure game mode? Some things dont work fully untill you launch the game without the editor. First thing I would do is reload all scrips and animations, export then try in game mode.

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