Oculus Rift Setup for level

Hello, First time posting here and using CryEngine. Im having problems finding good documentation on how to correctly create a flow graph to make the camera work correctly with the rift.

I have opened the vr_demo level provided in the game .sdk and I have been trying to recreate what I see and am having issues as most of the nodes in the vr_demo, are not available when I'm building my project.

Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Oculus Rift Setup for level

I'm more looking for documentation on how to get a camera set up to work with the oculus rift, so that a player can fully rotate in VR but also giving the camera an ai path around an object so the player can rotate their camera position around the object. That way the player can not go too far away from the object but they are free to look in any direction. I have yet to find any documentation on how to set up nodes with a camera so that the head tracking works.

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